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  GO Annotations File
The gene_association.aspgd file contains the Aspergillus Gene Ontology (GO) curation from AspGD. Please note that this file contains ALL of the AspGD GO curation from AspGD, whereas the gene_association file that is available on the GO consortium (GOC) web site,, has been filtered according to GOC guidelines.
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Chromosomal Feature File
The chromosomal_feature file contains information such as names and aliases (synonyms), descriptions, and any S. cerevisiae orthologs for the chromosomal features (including protein-encoding and non-coding genes) in AspGD. The information for each curated species in AspGD is contained in a separate chromosomal_feature file.
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Phenotype Annotations File
The phenotype file contains all of the mutant phenotype annotations. The phenotype information for each curated species in AspGD is contained in a separate file.
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Sequence Files
Chromosome, ORF, protein, and intergenic sequence files for several Aspergillus and related strains and species are available for download from this directory. Current sequence data and archived sequence data from previous assemblies of the genome sequence are available.
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Datasets archived at AspGD
Access large-scale datasets from the AspGD web site.
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GFF files
This directory contains files with information about the features in AspGD and features in historic versions of the genome assembly in Generic Feature Format (GFF), which is the format used for display in the GBrowse Genome Browser in AspGD.
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Orthologs and Best Hits
The Orthologs directory contains the mappings between AspGD genes and predicted orthologs among the Aspergilli and in S. cerevisiae. The Best Hits directory contains mappings between genes at a level of similarity below that required by the strict criteria used to determine orthology.
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Protein Domain Predictions
Output of IprScan domain predictions for all AspGD proteins.
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Images and Movies
Still images and movies that have been submitted to AspGD to be made available for public download.
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Batch Download Tool
Simultaneous retrieval of multiple types of data for a list of gene or feature names
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