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The files in this directory contain information about chromosomal
features for Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4.

The notation "version_sXX-mYY-rZZ" in the filename indicates the genome version
to which data in the file corresponds. Detailed explanation about the genome
version notation can be found at: 
Information pertaining to each version update for A. nidulans FGSC A4 can be found at:

The file with "current" in its names is provided as a stable filename for
automated downloads. It is identical to (technically, symbolic links to) the
corresponding versioned file.

This file is updated weekly:

Columns within

1.  Feature name (mandatory); this is the primary name
2.  Gene name (locus name), if available
3.  Aliases (multiples separated by |)
4.  Feature type
5.  Chromosome
6.  Start Coordinate
7.  Stop Coordinate
8.  Strand 
9.  Primary AspGDID
10. Secondary AspGDID (if any)
11. Description
12. Date Created
13. Sequence Coordinate Version Date (if any)
14. Blank
15. Blank
16. Date of gene name reservation (if any).
17. Has the reserved gene name become the standard name? (Y/N)
18. Name of S. cerevisiae ortholog(s) (multiples separated by |)

Note: Features are included if they were present in the latest version
of the annotation (version 4 or later).  

Note: Genes that have been deleted from the current reference annotation 
set are not included in this file.

Funding: grant RO1 AI077599 from the NIAID at the NIH.