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The download/domains/ directory contains conserved protein domain/motif

Protein domains were predicted using IprScan software from the InterPro
database. For more information about the InterPro database and 
for help interpreting IprScan output, see:

Please see the README documents in the subdirectories for specific
information about their contents.

Individual species-specific subdirectories contain the downloadable files
with InterPro domain information. Domain information for the following
strains is updated following major sequence or gene model changes,
or following major software or data updates from InterPro:

A. nidulans FGSC A4
A. fumigatus Af293
A. niger CBS 513.88
A. oryzae RIB40/ATCC 42149

Domain information for Aspergillus-related strains which are not actively
curated by AspGD is updated less frequently.