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The download/domains/A_nidulans_FGSC_A4/ directory contains
conserved protein domain/motif information for the strain
Aspergillus nidulans FGSC A4.

Protein domains were predicted using IprScan software from the InterPro
database. For more information about the InterPro database and 
for help interpreting IprScan output, see:



This tab-delimited text file contains the output of a search
of all translated ORF sequences in Aspergillus nidulans strain
FGSC A4 using the IprScan program.


1.  Systematic identifier of the input sequence
2.  crc64 (unique checksum) of the sequence
3.  Length of the sequence (in amino acids)
4.  Analysis method
5.  Source database entry for this match
6.  Source database description for the entry
7.  Start coordinate of the domain match
8.  End coordinate of the domain match
9.  E-value of the match (reported by analysis method)
10. Status of the match (T: true; ?: unknown)
11. Date of the IprScan run
12. InterPro domain identifier
13. InterPro domain description
14. GO (gene ontology) description for the InterPro domain

This file is updated upon new releases of InterPro domain definitions,
updates to the IprScan program, or after major updates of AspGD sequences.