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The download/go/ directory contains the AspGD Gene Ontology (GO) 
annotation files.


* gene_association.aspgd.gz -- GO Annotations File

gene_association.aspgd contains the Gene Ontology (GO) curation 
from AspGD. 

In addition to the GO annotations derived from manual GO curation, this 
file includes GO term predictions that we make based on orthology.  
The orthology mappings are described in more detail at:

The orthology-based GO term predictions are described in more detail at:

Please note that this file contains ALL of the AspGD GO curation, 
whereas the gene_association file that is available on the GO consortium 
(GOC) web site (,
has been filtered according to GOC guidelines. The file contains
curation for current ORFs only.
This file is regularly updated every week.

Previous versions of the gene_association.aspgd.gz file may be retrieved from
the CVS version control system at GOC. Instructions on how to access
the GO CVS repository can be found at:

* gene_association_README.txt 

This README explains in detail the contents and format of the 
gene_association.aspgd file.  Please note that the file that previously 
contained predicted annotations for A. fumigatus,
has been superseded by information in the gene_association.aspgd file.



This directory contains files related to Aspergillus GO Slim.