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To determine orthology assignments among Aspergillus species, we used a
Jaccard clustering approach; to determine between Aspergillus species and S. cerevisiae, 
we used InParanoid (, described in detail at
For proteins that did not have an ortholog (in a given species) that meets
the strict criteria we use to define orthology, 
we used BLASTp, using the same parameters as were used by 
InParanoid (-F \"m S\" -M BLOSUM80) with an expectation value (E) of 1e-5, 
to identify the best hit in the protein complement.  

These best hits data are available in the same format as the files containing
the ortholog data, with three tab-delimited columns for each
For each organism, the columns display:
- the systematic name of the gene
- the standard/genetic name of the gene (if one exists)
- the database identifier for the gene 

The ortholog files are available at

The best hits data are updated quaterly to ensure that the predictions 
are based on the most up-to-date information.